CONSTRUCTIONS offers a forum for linguistic research concerned with the structure, use, function, and development of 'constructions' in language and linguistics. The journal aims at a balanced integration of both notional, informal approaches to constructions in general and more formal treatments, as for example, within the framework of construction grammar. One of the long-term goals is to establish contact between researchers from various perspectives. The term 'construction' as understood in this journal is deliberately chosen to have a broad extension and not be limited to any specific definition or linguistic orientation. Constructions is not restricted to any particular language or language family, and aims at combining theoretical, empirical, and applied issues.

Below is the table of contents for the current issue of Constructions:

Vol 1 (2014)

Special Issue guest edited by

Benjamin Lyngfelt & Camilla Wide
University of Gothenburg & University of Turku

This special issue of Constructions on Swedish illustrates the versatility and wide applicability of constructionist approaches. In their introduction to the volume, Lyngelt and Wide first relate how construction grammar was introduced and established in Swedish linguistics. Then they provide a brief introduction to construction grammar as such. By way of Swedish examples, they illustrate some of the central ideas in construction grammar, such as multigrain generalizations and intermingling of linguistic levels. Finally, they present the contributions to the volume: Jan Anward deals with recycling in conversation; Sheila Dooley accounts for the comparative correlative ju ... desto construction; Björn Hammarberg treats comparative constructions from the viewpoint of acquisition; Jan Lindström and Anne-Marie Londen provide an interactional account of concessive constructions; Nina Martola addresses the relation between lexicon and grammar in the realization of passives; and Joel Olofsson discusses productivity in motion constructions.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Constructionist Approaches to Swedish PDF
Benjamin Lyngfelt, Camilla Wide
Interaction & Constructions PDF
Jan Anward
Insertion Concessive: An interactional practice as a discourse grammatical construction PDF
Jan Lindström, Anne-Marie Londen
The Swedish Comparative Correlative Construction: Ju... Desto... and Variations PDF
Sheila Dooley
Constructions of comparison in Swedish: Quantitative dominance patterns in acquisition and use PDF
Björn Hammarberg
The interaction between passive constructions and lexical verb constructions in Swedish PDF
Nina Martola
Argument structure constructions and syntactic productivity: The case of Swedish motion constructions PDF
Joel Olofsson

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