Vol 3 (1977)

Table of Contents


Switch Reference in Old Japanese PDF
Katsue Akiba
Which Roots Take the Suffix? PDF
Andrew Allen
Analysis of Hupa Storytelling Event PDF
Ruth Seiman Bennett
Grammaticalization of Topical Elements in Middle English PDF
Milton Chadwick Butler
The Status of Native Speaker Intuitions in a Polylectal Grammar PDF
Charles E. Debose
On Basic Levels and the Categorization of Objects in English Discourse PDF
Pamela A. Downing
The Inflectional Accent in Basque and Indo-European PDF
Alice Wyland Grundt
Language in the Workplace: The Tobacco Farm PDF
Mark Hansell
Some Aspects of Semantic Change in a Speech Community PDF
Luise Hertrich Hathaway
On the Differentiation of Subject and Object in Relativization: Evidence from Lushai PDF
Edward Hillard
Greek Apocope PDF
Gary B. Holland
Topicalization and Relativization in Old Russian PDF
Nancy Ickler
Some Aspects of Movement and Deletion PDF
Pauline Jacobsen
Towards a Phonetic Explanation for Universal Preferences in Implosives and Ejectives PDF
Hector Javkin
Requiem for Presupposition PDF
Lauri Karttunen, Stanley Peters
The Role of Word Order in Syntactic Change: Sentence-Final Prominency in Korean Negation PDF
Hyun-Oak Alan Kim
On the Function and Use of Stress in Discourse PDF
Christina Lehman
On Subjects and Topics PDF
Michael Noonan
On the Logical Structure of the Serial Verbal Construction in Yoruba PDF
Tony Obilade
The Story of [w]: An Exercise in the Phonetic Explanation for Sound Patterns PDF
John Ohala, James Lorentz
Toward a Universal Characterization of Passivization PDF
David M. Perlmutter, Paul M. Postal
Definiteness, Animacy, and NP Ordering PDF
Evelyn N. Ransom
Truth and Approximations PDF
Jerrold M. Sadock
Ambiguity-Avoidance: A Universal Constraint Extraction from NP Sequences PDF
Eve E. Sweetser
Health to Our Mouths: Formulaic Expressions in Turkish and Greek PDF
Deborah Tannen,
Well What Did You Expect? PDF
Deborah Tannen
Observations on the Relationship Between Group and Individual Variation in the Development of Constraints on Variable Rules: Evidence from Spanish PDF
Tracy Terrell
Burmese Historical Morphology PDF
Graham Thurgood
On Defining Prepositions PDF
Jeanne van Oosten
Length Phenomena in Italian: Support for the Syllable PDF
Irene Vogel
Frame Analysis of Schizophrenic Discourse PDF
Valentina Zavarin