Vol 1 (1975)

Table of Contents


The Proper Formulation of the Spurious-se Rule in Spanish PDF
Judith Aissen, Alberto M. Rivas
Voice Beyond the Passive PDF
E. J. W. Barber
Coordination Reduction and the English Comparative/Superlative: A Psycholinguistic Perspective PDF
John M. Carroll, Jr, John S. Hennessey
Acceptable Ambiguity PDF
Robert Channon
Relative Chronology PDF
Matthew Y. Chen
Interactions of the Expression Lets Just Say with the Gricean Maxims of Conversation PDF
Cathy Cogen, Leora Herrmann
On the Origin of Several Medio-Passive Personal Endings in Indo-European PDF
Gerald Leonard Cohen
The Case of the Vanish Presupposition PDF
Linda Coleman
Basques, Particles, and Babytalk: A Case for Pragmatics PDF
Claudia Corum
Homonymic Ambiguity, Pronominal Systems and The Clitic-lem in Modular Linguistics PDF
Abu-Sleman John Josef Costandi
An Alternative to Checklist Theories of Meaning PDF
Charles J. Fillmore
How to Say No in Palauan PDF
William A. Foley
Phonological Processes in the American Sign Language PDF
Lynn A. Friedman
Tonal Accents in Low German PDF
Alice Wyland Grundt
The Perception of Sentences: A Linguistic and Perceptual Comparison PDF
Ralph Norman Haber, Lyn R. Haber
Variation in the Use of Front and Back by Bilingual Speakers PDF
Clifford Alden Hall
On In That PDF
Leora Herrmann
Incorporating Grassmans Law into Sanskrit Phonology PDF
James E. Hoard
The Perception of Contour Tones PDF
Jean-Marie Hombert
Crossover and About-Movement in a Relational Grammar PDF
Polly Jacobson
Frame Semantics for Motion Verbs with Application to Metaphor PDF
Edward Kahn
Greek Apocope A Rule That Plans Ahead PDF
Ellen Kaisse
Conversational Implicature in Montague Grammar PDF
Lauri Karttunen
Making It Last: Repetition in Childrens Discourse PDF
Elinor Ochs Keenan
Introducing Cognitive Grammar PDF
George Lakoff, Henry Thompson
Lexicography and the Count-Mass Distinction PDF
James D. McCawley
Some Tibeto-Burman Sound Changes PDF
Boyd Michailovsky
The Position of Incorporation Transformations in the Grammar PDF
Frederick J. Newmeyer
Verbal Semantics and Sentence Construction PDF
Johanna Nichols
Cyclicity and Extractability of Extraposition Constructions in French PDF
Jessie Pinkham
The Acoustics of Tonogenesis PDF
E. Purcell, S. Young, G. Villegas, J. Cromshaw, R. Smith
Some Steps in the Acquisition of Factive and Implicative Sentences PDF
Harvey Rosenbaum
Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics: A Brief History of a One-Way Relationship PDF
Richard S. Rosenberg
Isolating Semantic Units PDF
Clarence Sloat
Quantitative Analysis of Variation: i in Tok Pisin PDF
Christopher Smeall
The Acute Problem of Tonogenesis PDF
R. D. Smith
Figure and Ground in Complex Sentences PDF
Leonard Talmy
Functional Constraints on Deletion of Word Final /s/ in Cuban Spanish PDF
Tracy D. Terrell
Speaker Alignment and Embedded Performatives PDF
Henry Thompson
N+V Compound Nouns in Thai PDF
Worawut Warutamasintop
Morphology and the Rule Ordering Controversy PDF
Ronnie Bring Wilbur