Vol 2 (1976)

Table of Contents


Strategies and Counterstrategies in the Use of Yes-No Questions in Discourse PDF
Adrian Bennett
A Statistical Model of Low-Level Phonological Processes PDF
Alan Cole, Michael H. O'Malley
Clause Reduction in Spanish PDF
Judith Aissen, David M. Perlmutter
Interfixes Preserve Syllables and Word Roots PDF
Andrew Allen
Why the Whats are When: Mutually Contextualizing Realms of Narrative PDF
Livia Polanyi Bowditch
On the Pragmatics of Control PDF
Waltraud Brennenstuhl, Krystyna Wachowicz
Agreement and Word Order: A Case for Pragmatics in Haya PDF
Ernest Rugwa Byarushengo, Sarah Tenenbaum
Strategies in Loan Phonology PDF
Ernest Rugwa Byarushengo
Etymology of Greek agalma, agall!, agallomai PDF
Gerald L. Cohen
Areal Features and Natural Phonology: The Case of Front Rounded Vowels PDF
John Crothers
Locative NPs, Locative Suffixes, and Grammatical Relations PDF
Gerard M. Dalgish
Analogue Grammar in the American Sign Language PDF
Asa DeMatteo
Reference Restricting Operators in Universal Grammar PDF
Edward L. Keenan
Foregrounding Referents: A Reconsideration of Left Dislocation in Discourse PDF
Elinor Ochs Keenan, Bambi Schieffelin
Palatalization: A Persistent Rule of English PDF
Push Comes to Drag: The Reflexive Replacement in English PDF
Leonard M. Faltz
Equi-Subject Clause Union PDF
Donald G. Frantz
Structure and Function in Phonology A Systems View PDF
Alice Wyland Grundt
Antipassivization: A Functional Typology PDF
Jeffrey Heath
The Shift from Postposition to Preposition: Evidence from Early Greek PDF
Gary B. Holland
The Effect of Aspiration on the Fundamental Frequency of the Following Vowel PDF
Jean-Marie Hombert
Drift versus Diachronic Universals PDF
Joan Casper Kahr
Subjectivization Rules in Kinyarwanda PDF
Alexandre Kimenyi
Headless Relative Clauses in Modern Japanese and the Relevancy Condition PDF
S.-Y. Kuroda
Constraints on the Ordering of If-Clauses PDF
Charlotte Linde
Dimensions of Iconicity in American Sign Language PDF
Mark Mandel
Raising in Turkish PDF
Jean Mulder
On the Form of Negative Sentences in Kawaiisu PDF
Pamela Munro
Attributiveness and Referential Opacity PDF
Peter Cole
A Frame for FRAMES PDF
Boundaries and Grassmans Law in Sanskrit PDF
Elaine Phelps
A Proposal for Treating Comparatives in Montague Grammar PDF
Clay Swinburn
Code-Switching in Downs Syndrome PDF
Tina L. Bennett
Some Theoretical Considerations on the Merger of the Low Vowel Phonemes in American English PDF
Tracy D. Terrell
Expectation in Chinese: A Functional Analysis of Two Adverbs PDF
Feng-fu Tsao
Analytic/Synthetic and Semantics PDF
F. J. Vandamme
An Alternative to Prototype Rules PDF
Jef Verschueren
The Opacity of Real Conspiracies PDF
George M. Williams, Jr.