Vol 4 (1978)

Table of Contents


A Non-Relative Analysis of So-Called Relative Clauses PDF
Katsue Akiba
The Demise of the Whorf Hypothesis (A Major Revision in the History of Linguistics) PDF
Danny K. H. Alford
Verb Agreement in Southern Tiwa PDF
Barbara J. Allen, Donald G. Frantz
On Primary Topicalization PDF
Interruptions and the Interpretation of Conversation PDF
Adrian Bennett
Creative Neologism as a Dynamic Process in Language Evolution: A Case Study From English PDF
John M. Carroll
Denotative and Connotative Meaning of the Preterite and Perfect in Bulgarian and English PDF
Catherine Chvany
The Translation of the Present Perfect into Serbo-Croation and Implications for the Analysis of the Present Perfect in English PDF
Nancy Cochrane
The Mysterious Samoan Transitive Suffix PDF
Kenneth William Cook
Doing Without Word Order and Inflections: The Case of British Sign Language PDF
Margaret Deuchar
Why Should Turkish Relativization Distinguish Between Subject and Non-Subject Head Nouns? PDF
Speech Minus Spectrum Equals Time Or What the Left Hemisphere is For PDF
Pierre L. Divenyi
Vocalic Change in the Belizean English/Creole Continuum and Markedness Theory PDF
Grammatical Relations and Word Order in Italian Child Discourse PDF
Elisabetta Fava
Acoustic Correlates of Big and Thin in Kujamutay PDF
Steven Greenberg, J. David Sapir
Monophthong and Diphthong Relations: Internal Evidence PDF
Alice Wyland Grundt
On Panoan Sibilants PDF
Eric P. Hamp
Some Conversational Conventions of Black English PDF
Mark Hansell, Cheryl Seabrook
Functional Universals PDF
Jeffery Heath
Bonjour, hello?: Negotiations of Language Choice in Montreal PDF
Monica S. Heller
Linguistic Representation of Spatial and Temporal Orientation PDF
Clifford Alden Hill
Levels of Structure Within the Paragraph PDF
John Hinds
The Acquisition of Quantifier Dialects by Children PDF
David E. Iannucci
Speech Aerodynamics and Phonological Universals PDF
Jeri J. Jaeger
Phonetic and Grammatical Explanations for an Epenthesis and a Non- Epenthesis in English PDF
Hector Javkin
Taxonomy, Description, Definition, Explanation: Special Case: Pronouns PDF
David Justice
On the Notion Completely Anaphoric in Phonology PDF
Ellen Kaisse
Consonant Assimilation in Inupiaq Eskimo PDF
Lawrence D. Kaplan
Icelandic Word Order: In Support of Drift as a Diachronic Principle Specific to Language Families PDF
Karen C. Kossuth
Relativization Strategies in Wappo PDF
Charles N. Li, Sandra A. Thompson
The Frequency of Tones PDF
Ian Maddieson
Multilingualism in its Social Context in Aboriginal North America PDF
Wick R. Miller
Secondary Predicates PDF
Johanna Nichols
The Passive Analog in Lango PDF
Michael Noonan, Edith Bavin Woock
Advancement Rules and Syntactic Change: The Loss of Instrumental Voice in Mayan PDF
William M. Norman
Southern Bantu vs. the World: The Case of Palatalization of Labials PDF
John J. Ohala
Switch-Reference in Barai PDF
Mike Olson
Impersonal Passives and the Unaccusative Hypothesis PDF
David M. Perlmutter
Language and Speakers in the Courtroom PDF
Martha Platt
False Starts Can be True PDF
Livia Polanyi
Remarks on the Analysis of Assertion and the Conversational Role of Speech Acts PDF
Andy Rogers
A Continuum of Meaning in the Copula PDF
Noel Rude
Subject/Direct Object Raising in Niuean PDF
William J. Seiter
The Ilokano Causative in Universal Grammar PDF
Deixis and Deducibility in a Wasco-Wishram Passive of Evidence PDF
Michael Silverstein
Generalization of Language Behaviours in a Language Delayed Child PDF
Reanne Sue Singer
A Cross-Cultural Study of Oral Narrative Style PDF
Deborah Tannen
Thematicization and Aspects of the Verbal Morphology in Burmese: The Principles of Organization PDF
Graham Thurgood
On the Hierarchy of Boundaries PDF
Robert M. Vago
Modern Greek Clitics: Placement, Order, and Function PDF
Dieter Wanner
On *w and *y in Kiowa-Tanoan PDF
Laurel J. Watkins
Appositive Relatives in Discourse PDF
Emily Yarnall