Vol 5 (1979)

Table of Contents


Historical Riddles in Cheyenne: A Re-examination of Goddards So!taa!e Evidence PDF
Danny K. H. Alford
The Relationship Between Meaning and Morphological Productivity PDF
Andrew S. Allen
A Linguistic Phenomenology of Therapy Talk PDF
Adrian T. Bennett, Barbara Reed Hartmann
The Function and Content of Relative Clauses in Spontaneous Oral Narratives PDF
Robert Bernardo
Peak Vary, Endpoints Dont: Implications for Intonation Theory PDF
Suzanne Boyce, Lise Menn
Spokes in a Wheel: A Linguistic and Rhetorical Analysis of Native American Public Discourse PDF
Ralph Cooley
On Discourse Syntactic Consequences of Certain Short Topic Sentences PDF
Larry Gorbet
Tongass Tlingit and Na-Dene PDF
Eric P. Hamp
Evidence Against the Use of Word Boundaries in Tonological Rules: An Autosegmental Approach to the Fast Speech of the Tokyo Dialect of Japanese PDF
Nobuko Hasegawa
How to Ask for Wiper Fluid in Montreal: Struggling with the Terminology of Car Parts in Quecois PDF
Monica S. Heller
Double-Cross in Phonology: Why Word-Boundary (Often) Acts Like a Consonant PDF
Richard D. Janda
Phonetic Explanations for the Devoicing of High Vowels PDF
Hector R. Javkin
Theme and Context Dependency: Thematic Progression PDF
Norman C. Keul
Polarity in Phonology PDF
Alexandre Kimenyi
Language Death in the Valley of Puebla: A Socio-Geographic Approach PDF
Tim Knab, Liliane Hasson de Knab
Communication Strategies in Conversation: The Case of Scenes from a Marriage PDF
Robin Tolmach Lakoff, Deborah Tannen
Pragmatics and Social Deixis: Reclaiming the Notion of Conventional Implicature PDF
Stephen C. Levinson
Trickster and the Village Women: A Psychosymbolic Discourse Analysis of a Lahu Picaresque Story PDF
James A. Matisoff
Clitics, Clauses, Closure, and Discourse in Easter Pomo PDF
Sally McLendon
Syntactic, or Lexical, Zero in Natural Language PDF
A Study of Sharing Time With First Grade Students: Discourse Narratives in the Classroom PDF
Sarah Michaels, Jenny Cook-Gumperz
The Evolution of Certain CochimAspectuals and the CochimYuman Hypothesis PDF
Mauricio J. Mixco
The Meeting of East and West: Confrontation and Convergence in Contemporary Linguistics PDF
Johanna Nichols
Working 1s and Inversion in Italian, Japanese, and Quechua PDF
David M. Perlmutter
Semantic Mechanisms of Humor PDF
Victor Raskin
The Influence of the Social Class in the Verbal Morphology of Certain Dialects of Spanish PDF
Alberto M. Rivas
Temporal Connectives and Logical Form PDF
Ivan Sag, Steven Wiesler
Prehistoric Sociolinguistics: The Case for Hopi PDF
David Leedom Shaul
The Acquisition of Word Meaning: A Reexamination PDF
Marilyn N. Silva
How Not to Tell a Passive: The Case of Old Persian mana krtam Reconsidered PDF
Hariklia Statha-Halikas
Focus of Contrast Aspects in Makua: Syntactic and Semantic Evidence PDF
Susan U. Stucky
Neurolinguistic Considerations on the Optimum Age for Second Language Learning PDF
Terence M. Walsh, Karl C. Diller