Vol 6 (1980)

Table of Contents


Lexical Extension and Grammatical Transformations PDF
Judith Aissen, Jorge Hankamer
The Development and Productivity of Prefixes PDF
Andrew S. Allen
Proficiency in Storytelling PDF
Ruth Bennett
Phonological Convergence Between Languages in Contact: Mon-Khmer Structural Borrowing in Burmese PDF
David Bradley
The Grammatical Status of Aspectual Catenatives in English PDF
Laurel Brinton
Murray B. Emeneau: Descriptive Linguist and Scholar PDF
Bruce R. Caron
The Language of Born-Again Christianity PDF
Linda Coleman
The Importance of Conversational Discourse Strategies in the Acquisition of Literacy PDF
James Collins, Sarah Michaels
The Passive in Sliammon PDF
John H. Davis
On the Nature of Anaphoric Restrictions PDF
Jeanette Speer DeCarrico
To Taboo Everything at All Times PDF
G. Diffloth
Indian Demonstrative Pronominal Bases A Revision PDF
M. B. Emeneau
The Conversational Duet PDF
Jane Falk
Ascensions to Subject in Blackfoot PDF
Donald G. Frantz
Adaptation and Naturalization in a Linguistic Area: Sinhala Focused Sentences PDF
James W. Gair
Antipassives and Causatives in Halkomelem PDF
Donna B. Gerdts
Prosody, Linguistic Diffusion and Conversational Inference PDF
John J. Gumperz, Hannah Kaltman
Metaphors in Makah Neologisms PDF
William H. Jacobsen, Jr
On a Certain Construction of Englishs PDF
Richard D. Janda
Talking, Speaking and Chatting in Aztec PDF
Tim Knab
A Vowel-Lowering Rule in Kui-Kuvi PDF
Bh. Krishnamurti
Getting the Whole Picture: The Role of Mental Images in Semantics and Pragmatics PDF
George Lakoff
Topic, French Style: Remarks about a Basic Sentence Type of Modern Non-Standard French PDF
Knud Lambrecht
Manifestations of Twinship in Toddler Language PDF
Patricia M. Malmstrom
Is Brahui Really Dravidian? PDF
David W. McAlpin
Discovering Connections PDF
Arpita Mishra
Subject, Topic, and Control in Russian PDF
Johanna Nichols, Gilbert Rappaport, Alan Timberlake
Grammatical Parallelism in Quiche Ritual Language PDF
William M. Norman
In Search of Y/N S-Aux: A Study of Answers to Yes-No Questions in English PDF
Judy E. Winn-Bell Olsen
Subjects, Topics and Agents: Evidence from Property-factoring PDF
Jeanne van Oosten
Evidence of Grammatical Convergence in Dakhini Urdu and Telugu PDF
Bruce R. Pray
The Tamil Liquids PDF
Harold Schiffman
An Etymological Door to Synergetic Structures PDF
Martin Schwartz
Penutian Among the Ruins: A Personal Assessment PDF
William Shipley
The Status of Lexical Associations and the Obligatory Contour Principle in the Analysis of Tone Languages PDF
John V. Singler
The Extension of Language Universals: Constraints on the Function of Axial Reflection in Writing Systems with Special Application to Linear B PDF
Laurence D. Stephens
Spoken/Written Language and the Oral/Literate Continuum PDF
Deborah Tannen
Case Relations in Modern Greenlandic PDF
Robert Underhill
Inscrutability Revisited PDF
Linda Wai Ling Young
Where Dead Language Lives: The Case of the Balinese Shadow Theater PDF
Mary S. Zurbuchen
J!nu Kurumba: First Report on a Tribal Language of the Nilgiri Area PDF
Kamil V. Zvelebil