Vol 7 (1981)

Table of Contents


On the Syntax and Semantics of Nominal Compounds in Yoruba Personal Names PDF
F. Niyi Akinnaso
Topicalization in Breton PDF
Stephen R. Anderson
Grammatical Relations and Surface Cases in Turkish PDF
The Phonological Status of Downstep in Bakweri PDF
Orin D. Gensler
Is Whorfs Relativity Einsteins Relativity? PDF
Danny Keith Hawkmoon Alford
The Relationship of Meaning and Underlying Grammatical Relations: Evidence from Quechua PDF
Gabriella Hermon
Dative Clitics in Albanian: Evidence for Syntactic Levels PDF
Philip L. Hubbard
Wilhelm von Humboldts Linguistic Importance PDF
Karen Ann Hunold
The Semantics of Spontaneity in Japanese PDF
Wesley Jacobsen
Atomic Phonology and Vowel Reduction PDF
William D. Keel
Toward a Universal Semantics of Indirect Subject Constructions PDF
M. H. Klaiman
Functional Correlates of Ergativity in Aguacatec PDF
Thomas W. Larsen
The Abstract Consonant in Seri PDF
Stephen A. Marlett
Question Strategies and Hierarchies of Grammatical Relations in Kinyarwanda PDF
Edith M. Maxwell
Establishing Conversational Cooperation PDF
Sarah Michaels, David Reier
Analogical Leveling and Child Morphology: The Case of the Irish Dependent PDF
Carol Lynn Moder, Michael Noonan
Transitivity and Foregrounding in the North Caucasus PDF
Johanna Nichols
The Notion of Givenness and the Use of Pronouns and Ellipsis PDF
Shigeko Okamoto
Language Typology and the Segmentation Problem in Early Child Language Acquisition PDF
Ann M. Peters
Topicalization, Focus-Movement, and Yiddish-Movement: A Pragmatic Differentiation PDF
Ellen F. Prince
Voice in Fictional Discourse PDF
Hilary Roberts
Piman Song Syntax: Its Historical Significance PDF
David L. Shaul
Perception and the Choice of Language in Oral Narrative: The Case of the Co-Temporal Connectives PDF
Marilyn N. Silva
The Historical Development of the Akha Evidentials System PDF
Graham Thurgood
A Study of Communication Errors PDF
The Sociostylistics of Minority Dialect in Literary Prose PDF
Elizabeth Closs Traugott
Yes, He Hasnt and a Few Other Nots in Turkish PDF
Sabahat Sansa Tura
The Lexicalization of Linguistic Action PDF
Jef Verschueren