Vol 8 (1982)

Table of Contents


The Leader Verb as a Mechanism of Morphological Change PDF
Andrew S. Allen
Governed Anaphors in Basque PDF
D. Azkarate, J. Ortiz de Urbina, M. Saltarelli
Lexical Diffusion in Hong Kong Cantonese: Five Leads the Way PDF
Robert S. Bauer
Neologisms in Word Salad: How Schizophrenic Speakers Make Themselves Misunderstood PDF
Kathie Carpenter
3->2 Advancement, Beneficiary Advancement, and With PDF
Robert Channon
Transitivity, Ergativity, and Topicality in Chamorro Narrative Discourse PDF
Ann Cooreman
Rhyme or Reason? A Look at Syllable-Internal Constituents PDF
Stuart Davis
Semantics and Logical Form PDF
Jaenette S. DeCarrico
Lexicology and Stylistics. Vocabulary of Provenl Courtly Lyrics Introductory Remarks PDF
Peter F. Dembowski
Proto-Mon Registers: Two, Three, Four? PDF
Passive and Inversion in Kannada PDF
Matthew S. Dryer
Folk Stereotypes and Sociolinguistics: Blason Populaire in the San Francisco Bay Area PDF
The Role of Multiple Causation in the Genesis of the Spanish Suffix -ido PDF
Steven N. Dworkin
The Linguistics of Causal Accounts PDF
Veronika U. Ehrich
Discourse Topic and Childrens Emerging Ability to Handle It PDF
Sue Foster
Semantic Perspicuity and the Locative Hypothesis PDF
James Paul Gee, Judy Anne Kegl
From Latin to Romanian Deviously PDF
Eric P. Hamp
How to Cause in Mixtec PDF
Leanne Hinton
A Note on Raising in Indo-European PDF
Gary B. Holland
Lexicographic Applications of Lexical Functions: Two Sample Lexical Entries from an Explanatory-Combinatorial Dictionary PDF
Lidija N. Iordanskaja, Nadia Arbatchewsky-Jumarie
Yakov Malkiel PDF
David Justice
Divergence and Apparent Convergence in the Development of Yet and Still PDF
, Elizabeth Closs Traugott
Affectiveness and the Voice System of Japanese: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back PDF
M. H. Klaiman
Verbs of Motion and Arrival in Mixtec PDF
Monica Macaulay
In Search of Coefficients in Diachronic Morphological Analysis: /i/ as an Increasingly Dominant Vowel in Spanish Inflectional Morphemes PDF
Yakov Malkiel
Major Information from a Minor Parameter: Point of Contact in Sign Language Phonology PDF
Mark A. Mandel
Lexical Functions in Lexicographic Description PDF
Ingush Transitivization and Detransitivization PDF
Johanna Nichols
Two Spanish Etymologies: ajilimili and chcharras mcharras PDF
David A. Pharies
Stressed o in American English Borrowings from Spanish PDF
David W. Reed
Promotion and Topicality of Nez Perce Objects PDF
Noel Rude
The Functional Equivalents of the Middle Voice in Child Language PDF
Iskender Savasir, Julie Gee
The Indo-European Vocabulary of Exchange, Hospitality, and Intimacy (The Origins of Greek ksos, s, phos; Avestan xsnu-, xsanman-, etc.): Contributions to Etymological Methodology PDF
Martin Schwartz
Esselen Structural Prehistory PDF
David L. Shaul
Conditional for Subjunctive in Old Castile PDF
Linguistic Contact in Ancient South China: The Case of Hainan Chinese, Be, and Vietnamese PDF
David B. Solnit
Reflexive, Impersonal, and Passive in Italian and Florentine PDF
Ruggero Stefanini
Root and Epistemic Modals: Causality in Two Worlds PDF
Eve E. Sweetser
Borrowing Semantic Space: Yiddish Verb Prefixes between Germanic and Slavic PDF
Leonard Talmy
Ar Journalio Ar Radio, hag An Tele: French Lexical Influences on Breton PDF
Lenora A. Tim
The Impersonal Passive in Lithuanian PDF
Alan Timberlake
Snaturalitin Ruzante and the Venetian Prefix S PDF
Edward F. Tuttle
Near-Homonymy as a Determinant of Lexical Retention and Loss: The Case of Hispano-Romance despejar PDF
Thomas J. Walsh
A History of Spanish Clitic Movement PDF
Dieter Wanner
Basque Copulative Compounds: A Problem in Irreversible Binomials PDF
Willam H. Jacobsen, Jr.
Vendlers Verb Classes and the Aspectual Character of Japanese PDF
Wesley M. Jacobsen