Vol 9 (1983)

Table of Contents


A Metrical Analysis of English Prefixes PDF
Dawn E. Bates
How Do You Say 'It' In Russian? PDF
Robert Channon
Social Organization and Referential Coherence in Classroom Discussions PDF
James Collins
Quantifier Scope Ambiguity and Definiteness PDF
William Croft
Agent-Patient Languages and Split Case Marking Systems PDF
Amy Dahlstrom
SamanEnglish: A Dialect That Time Forgot PDF
Charles E. DeBose
Agentivity and Causation: Data from Newari PDF
Scott DeLancey
On Drawing the Right Conclusions in Psycholinguistics: Some Critical Areas of Control in Experimental and Analytical Practice PDF
Bruce L. Derwing
Yakut Assimilation and the Strength/Sonority Hierarchy PDF
Michael Dobrovolsky
*e Before Nasal Clusters in Latin PDF
Eric P. Hamp
Symbolics and Symbolic Change PDF
Hsin-I Hsieh
Case and 0-Marking in Malayalam: Implications for the Projection Principle PDF
K. A. Jayaseelan
Markers of Definiteness in Indo-Aryan PDF
Indira Y. Junghare
Linguistic Competence and Folk Theories of Language: Two English Hedges PDF
Paul Kay
Bengali Conjunctive Participle Constructions PDF
M. H. Klaiman
The Correspondence between Linguistic Tone and Musical Melody PDF
William R. Leben
The English l/r Distinction for Native Japanese PDF
Yoshiko Higurashi, Charles McClenon
A Comparative Study of Topic and Focus Constructions with Special Reference to Tzotzil PDF
John Myhill
On Direct and Oblique Cases PDF
Johanna Nichols
Functional Reasons for the Fall and Rise of V-S Structures in French: A Quantitative Approach PDF
Nadine O'Connor
Development of Word Associations in a Second Language PDF
Deborah Piranian
Smash Bang PDF
John F. Richardson
Vowel Shifts in Common Slavic PDF
Michael B. Smith
Processing of Linguistic Stress in the Damaged Left and Right Hemisphere PDF
James R. Solomon
Morphological Innovation and Subgrouping: Some Tibeto-Burman Notes PDF
Graham Thurgood
Performatives as Indexicals: Resolving the Performadox PDF
Cynthia Walsh, Robert Chametzky
Indirect Object Advancement in German PDF
Edwin M. Wilkinson