Proceedings of SALT 23

Proceedings of the 23rd Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference, held at the University of California, Santa Cruz, May 3 - 5, 2013, edited by Todd Snider.

Table of Contents

Response particles as propositional anaphors PDF
Manfred Krifka 1-18
Towards a formal semantics for interjective ‘what’ PDF
Jesse A Harris 19-39
There is no neutral aspect PDF
Daniel Gordon Altshuler 40-62
Investigating the alternative-sensitivity of "know" PDF
Wataru Uegaki, Paul Marty 63-80
Inherent and coerced gradability across categories: manipulating pragmatic halos with sorta PDF
Curt Anderson 81-96
From change to value difference PDF
Ashwini Sharad Deo, Itamar Francez, Andrew Koontz-Garboden 97-115
Scale exhaustivity and the Modification Condition PDF
M. Ryan Bochnak 116-135
Manufactured and inherent pejorativity PDF
Charley Beller 136-155
Presuppositions and the Alternative Tier PDF
Uli Sauerland 156-173
Focusing on unlikely accented nominals: context, alternatives and implied expectations PDF
Gwendolyn Gillingham 174-193
Counterfactuals and Conditional Questions under Discussion PDF
Michela Ippolito 194-211
Degrees and segments PDF
Roger Schwarzschild 212-238
VP ellipsis without indices PDF
Daniel Hardt, Nicholas Asher, Julie Hunter 239-256
Unrestrained beta reduction PDF
Udo Klein, Wolfgang Sternefeld 257-275
The dynamics of subjectivity PDF
Nicholas Fleisher 276-294
Harmonic sluicing: Which remnant/correlate pairs work and why PDF
Matthew Veras Barros 295-315
Part and parcel of eliding partitives PDF
Michael Gagnon 316-335
About 'about' PDF
Kyle Rawlins 336-357
Diagnosing truth, interactive sincerity, and depictive sincerity PDF
Elizabeth Coppock, Thomas Brochhagen 358-375
Reflexive anaphors and association with focus PDF
Giorgos Spathas 376-393
Degree Infinitival Clauses PDF
Lisa Bylinina 394-411
Sloppy identity unbound PDF
Ezra Keshet 412-431
The scope and processing of for-adverbials: A reply to Deo and Piñango PDF
Lucas Champollion 432-452
A semantic account of mirative evidentials PDF
Jessica Rett, Sarah Murray 453-472
Quantizing scalar change PDF
Robert Henderson 473-492
Indefinite Donkeys on Islands PDF
Edgar Onea 493-513
Measure semantics and qualitative semantics for epistemic modals PDF
Wesley H. Holliday, Thomas F. Icard, III 514-534
'Have', 'with' and 'without' PDF
Bert Le Bruyn, Henriëtte de Swart, Joost Zwarts 535-548
Accounting for counting: A unified semantics for measure terms and classifiers PDF
Gregory Scontras 549-569
Modal Determiners and Alternatives: Quantity and Ignorance Effects PDF
Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Paula Menendez-Benito 570-586
Context, scale structure, and statistics in the interpretation of positive-form adjectives PDF
Daniel Lassiter, Noah D. Goodman 587-610
Two kinds of focus constructions in K’iche’ PDF
Murat Yasavul 611-632
Children's knowledge of free choice inferences PDF
Peng Zhou, jacopo romoli, Stephen Crain 632-651