Proceedings of SALT 13

Proceedings of the 13th Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference, held May 9-11, 2003 at the University of Washington, edited by Robert B. Young and Yuping Zhou.

Table of Contents

Front matter PDF
Robert B. Young, Yuping Zhou
Who Gives a Damn about Minimizers in Questions? PDF
Klaus Abels 1-18
Ambiguity and Anaphora with Plurals in Discourse PDF
Nicholas Asher, Linton Wang 19-36
A Uniform Analysis of 'Before' and 'After' PDF
David Beaver, Cleo Condoravdi 37-54
A Lexical Account of Implicit (Bound) Contextual Dependence PDF
Richard Breheny 55-72
Bare Singular Reference to Kinds PDF
Edit Doron 73-90
Respective Answers to Coordinated Questions PDF
Jean Mark Gawron, Andrew Kehler 91-108
Sloppy Identity, Binding, and Centering PDF
Daniel Hardt 109-126
Quantification over Times in Subjunctive Conditionals PDF
Michela Ippolito 127-144
A Modal Account of the English Present Perfect Puzzle PDF
Graham Katz 145-161
"Intermediate Scope" in (Mandarin) Chinese PDF
Ji-yung Kim 162-179
Bare NPs: Kind-referring, Indefinites, Both, or Neither? PDF
Manfred Krifka 180-203
Milsark's Generalization and Categorical Judgments PDF
S.-Y. Kuroda 204-221
Probabilistic Model-theoretic Semantics for 'want' PDF
Dmitry Levinson 222-239
Contextual Variables as Pronouns PDF
Luisa Martí 240-257
A New Semantics for Number PDF
Uli Sauerland 258-275
Superlative 'More' PDF
Penka Stateva 276-291
On Polar Questions PDF
Robert van Rooy, Marie Šafářová 292-309
Quasi-Telic Perfective Aspect in Dëne Sųłiné (Chipewyan) PDF
Andrea Wilhelm 310-327